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“Good beer and good people”

To be honest, in most of the European countries Italy isn’t famous for his death metal scene. But there are several underground bands who worship the good old times on this peninsula. One of these groups is Profanal from Livorno. By releasing two demos and one split they proved that they are able to cause a stir in Europe’s metal scene. Furthermore they will make death metal fans definitely happy with their new 7’’-split called „United In Death“.
That is why lead-singer Rosy and bassist Daniele took a little time to answer the following questions.

How have it all started? Who created the band?
Rosy: The band was created by Kristian, Burchi and me. We were already friends and we spent nights drinking at the pub and talking about music. Somehow, Profanal were born from our drunkenness!

Do people wonder that your singer is female? What kind of reactions do you get?
Rosy: Maybe there is a little surprise sometimes from people and they have always a good reaction, I think. But most of people don’t care if I’m a woman or man, they only care that our music is good and I agree that it is the most important thing!

What are your musical influences? What are your favorite bands?
Rosy: We’re influenced by Swedish death metal, of course, but also European and American death metal in generally. Each of us has had different influences in music. In common we have bands like Entombed, Dismember, Nihilist, Grave, Autopsy, God Macabre etc.
Daniele: Yes, we love Old Skull Death Metal in all the way, especially Swedish and Finnish Scene. Personally I also like all old school metal, from Heavy and Thrash to Black. But only pre 1990 ah, ah!

I think it is quite unusual that a small Death Metal band have so much contact with foreign bands (like Obscure Infinity or Funeral Whore). Furthermore I am impressed by the fact that you drive hundreds of kilometers to play a small gig with fellow bands like last year in Koblenz with Obscure Infinity, although you are not a big Band on a major label. How did this friendship between you, Funeral Whore and Obscure Infinity start and what makes it worth for you to travel such long distances for playing small gigs?
Rosy: The brotherhood with Obscure Infinity and Funeral Whore started through an exchange of demos. We found them on myspace and we have maintained an email correspondence with these crazy guys until the point to invite Obscure Infinity to play here in Italy for a gig together with us in 2009, and then Funeral Whore called us to play in Holland at the end of 2009. It’s great sharing the stage and friendship with these bands!! Maybe ten or more years ago that was unusual, but now with internet it's easy to find contact with foreign band and it's so beautiful find and discovered band that have your same interesting and your same vision of music and life!!

If you compare the different crowds (in the countries you have played at), which crowd is the most enthusiastic one?
Rosy: We love the German crowd. Absolutely the best!! In other countries people it’s colder and they’re not crazy like German audience! Good beer and good people!
Daniele: In Germany the Metal Culture is so far from Italy. Probably is the Country with the best Metal Scene in Europe!

How would you describe your song (“Torment Of Saturn”) from the upcoming 7’’-Split with Obscure Infinity? What is the song about?
Rosy:”Torment of Saturn” it’s one of our favorite song. It sounds very gloomy but powerful at the same time, a force that comes out from the deep inside. The lyrics are quite hermetic (addition by Todtgeburt: I think she wants to say heretic) and esoteric and they talking’ about suffering. We are glad to put this song in the upcoming 7’’-Split with Obscure Infinity.

What are your plans for the near future?
Rosy: We’re writing new stuff for our next work, it will be a full-length album.

Are you interested in politics? If yes, what are your opinions towards Berlusconi’s scandals?
Rosy: We prefer to not talk about this shit.

Is there a big Death Metal scene in Italy?
Rosy: It’s not big but there is an underground scene. Old school death metal in the North, and brutal-death in the Center-South Italy. The big scene is for trendy/fashion music, not true death metal...

Are there any Italian Extreme Metal bands you want to recommend?
Yes, for sure! Voids of Vomit, Sickening, Necro, Imposer, Sepulchral, Blasphemophagher... very, very good extreme italian bands....